Contact: Evan Kurtz
Dryden Village Hall
South Street
Dryden, NY  13053
United States of America

The only 'required' meeting of the year! 

Please plan to attend at least part of this annual event.

We will review the 18-19 year and make plans for the 19-20 year.

Various officers & chairs will provide summaries of the 'year to date' and thoughts for the year ahead. Treasurer, service, membership, Foundation (need to have $50 per capita to apply for a grant!). YEP, RYLA, RLI,

Review our club goals for 18-19 (what needs to be done!)

Determine Budget for 19-20

Fund Raising events for 19-20

Do we want to present a Paul Harriss fellowship t osomeone? (collectivley we could give 15...)

Regarding a club project for 19-20, members are asked to bring brief written suggestions for a project.  Do some homework with regard to timing, needed funds ($500 - $2,500 are the grant limits), who will benefit, who we might team with, etc  Talk to Evan if you need  help with this. We are trying to find a project that will have a visible impact on people (not building things...)

Details for lunch TBD