Rotary Club of Dryden

District Assembly - West

Contact: Evan Kurtz
Dryden High School
United States

We have hosted this District event for the last 6 years...we need members to help host...set up, assist with registration, set out food for snacks and lunch, clean up.  Give a couple hours to your club and District.  It will do you good!

Club members are encouraged to sign up for, or sit in on, any training session of interest!

Registration is at 8:30 and ends with lunch. 

Club members. Sign up to help and bring food. Show up at 7:30 to help set up and/or stay until 1:30 to help wrap up

Leadership Track (       )

Strategic planning – Jeff Smith

Promoting positive change in your club (beta) – Evan Kurtz

Running a great meeting/public speaking – Mark Kriebel


Administrative Track (Computer Lab)

Administrative responsibilities - Rik Vandermeulen, Carolyn Wright

Rotary Club Central - Rik Vandermeulen, Carolyn Wright 

My Rotary - Rik Vandermeulen, Carolyn Wright 


 One Rotary Track (       )

Membership – Matt Adler

Public Relations – Daisy Dawson

Foundation – Dale Flinn


 Community Track (     )

District grants – Cindy Burger

Role of Rotary in community development – Jeff Smith

Collaboration inside and outside of Rotary – Jeff Smith