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David Johnson, a local businessman, and I, along with a group of other local residents, are wanting to create a private high school in Dryden, NY. We are looking for 1.) those interested in helping in this endeavor, 2.) those willing to provide financial support, and 3.) parents looking for an alternative to the local public schools for their children.
Edward Davis is lead pastor at the Vineyard Church of Ithaca. In addition to serving as a pastor,  over the years he has served as a researcher in the field of non-profit management and organizational development. He has worked for such organizations as Clemson University’s Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, the Hudson Institute, and The Institute on Religion and Democracy. He has also served as a management analyst for Fairfax County, Virginia, and has worked for two nonprofits working with the homeless.
While at the Hudson Institute, Mr. Davis helped establish the Faith and Service Technical Education Network (FASTEN), a $6 million dollar Pew-funded initiative in collaboration with Harvard, Baylor and the National Crime Prevention Council. He also participated in a two million dollar Kellogg-funded study of earned-income ventures among faith-based nonprofits and conducted research on the Hispanic church nationwide.