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Lime Hollow Nature Center
338 McClean Rd
cortland, NY
United States of America

Rotary Service Event for Area Rotary Clubs.  Cortland, Cortland Breakfast and Dryden. 

To signup for this event, please use the registration links to the left.  List the project(s) you would like to work on in the comment. 

Love Where You Play 2024 Projects

All projects from 930am- 12:00pm
Lunch 12pm-2pm Music and Celebration
12pm-2pm Cleanup 2pm-3pm

All Leaders arrive 1 hour prior to start time to get oriented

Project: Observation Deck Rebuild
Location: Trail for All at Gracie Pond
Description: Remove old decking, reinforce supporting structure, install new decking
Age Restriction: Teens to Adults Difficulty
Group Size: 5-15 people
Starting Parking Lot: Visitor Center or 332 McLean Rd.

Project: Tree Planting/Habitat Restoration
Location(s): Bluebird Meadow, Art Meadow (just shrubs and some trees), Jack’s Way
Description: Planting trees to help fill in the holes left by the invasive plants that were pulled. This includes invasive removal before the trees can go in the ground. Changing the habitat back to a native habitat for local flora and fauna. Some varieties of trees need to be caged and the cages need to be assembled. When the trees are caged they also will need some mulch spread on top of where they were planted
Tools Needed: Pickaxes, Shovels, Water if the coming days are dry, caging, mulch, 5 gal. buckets
Age Restriction: No restriction
Difficulty Level: EASY TO MODERATE
Group Size: Max 20
Starting Parking Lot: Education Center

Project: Mulch Spreading, Raking and Lining Trails
Location: Forest Home, Fenway south of the Lehigh
Description: Spreading mulch on the trail to make trails softer to walk on, help prevent the trail from eroding and cover up tripping hazards such as roots and rocks. Tools Needed: Pre-position mulch, Rakes, Pitchforks, Mulch Sleds Age Restriction: no restriction
Difficulty Level: EASY TO MODERATE
Group Size: 20 Starting Parking Lot: Visitor Center or Education Center

Project: Tree Potting
Location: Camp Gus Tree Nursery
Description: Taking tree saplings and putting them in planting pots to be planted on a later date. Mixing a special soil that helps the trees stay alive and grow in the pots. Setup: Pre-mix potting soil, Screen compost. Tools Needed: Shovel to mix the potting soil, Plastic pots, trowels
Age Restriction: No Restriction
Difficulty Level: EASY
Group Size: 2-6
Starting Location: Education Center, overflow Osbeck

Project: McLean Camp Landscape Cleanup
Location: McLean Camp Garden, Hoop House, under the apple tree leading to the pavilion
Description: Seed starting for the hoop house, spreading mulch around the carving area and apple tree
Age Restriction: no restrictions
Difficulty Level: EASY TO MODERATE Group Size: 5-15 people
Starting Parking Lot: Visitor Center

Project: Invasive Removal, Removing Unwanted Plants
Location(s): South High VIsta Loop, East Lehigh from Osbeck to maple run, Jack’s way, Primitive site
Description: Removing multiflora rose, honeysuckle bushes, and buckthorn so that in the future we can convert the landscape to a native landscape instead of the invasive plants that tend to take over the area. The invasive plants that we plan on removing are thorny, abrasive, and generally hard to pull out of the ground.
Tools Needed: Pickaxes, Shovels, Loppers, Hand Saws, Honeysuckle Poppers
Age restriction: Teens to Adults
Difficulty Level: HARD
Group Size: 8-10 per group
Starting Locations: Western lot

Project: Lunch Location(s): Education Campus
Description: Cook and serve lunch to volunteers after workday
Tools Needed: Grills, Sternos, Food, Hairnets, GLoves, etc.
Age restriction: Teens to Adults
Difficulty Level: EASY Group Size: 3-6
Starting Locations: Education Campus